About Reading Recommendations Reviewed


This review-specific blog came about in answer to a need for honest positive reviews of books written by Authors I have promoted on Reading Recommendations. I knew Readers were looking for suggestions as to what to read next, and authors needed another means of getting word out about books they had written. So this is my attempt to offer a new forum in which reviewers can give us an honest assessment of books they have enjoyed reading. No negative comments, author-bashing, or trolls will be allowed. So I hope Readers will feel comfortable writing about good books here – even if they have never written a review before or posted any comments to other online sites.

Readers – your opinion matters! We want to know about the books you enjoy reading!

So, if you’ve enjoyed any of the books written by Authors promoted on Reading Recommendations (and you will find the complete list of names here and here) please consider telling other Readers about them. (Only reviews of books written by RR-promoted books will be considered for publishing on this blog.)

And Authors … the best way to receive reviews for your books on this blog is to first review other books yourself. I will not be looking for Reviewers for you. Please let your own readers know about what we’re doing here and encourage them to get involved in writing reviews for MANY Authors, and not just your own books. This way, everyone wins!

But especially the Readers win, because they will now have more opinions of a great selection of Reader-approved books to help them in choosing their next great read!

So please subscribe to this blog to receive notice whenever a new review is posted. And if you are interested in reviewing any of the books promoted on Reading Recommendations, send me an email at susanmtoy (at) gmail.com.

Thanks for participating!