The Burning Years – a review

The Burning Years
by Felicity Harley

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Imagine a cackle of hyenas are chasing you towards the edge of a precipice. Do you stay and fight or do you take a leap into the unknown? In the slow motion of everyday life this might seem like an eccentric analogy to illustrate humanity’s impact on each other via climate change, but we all know time is relative. If we don’t get a handle on this most pressing of issues then it will get a handle on us, and it’ll all be over in the blink of an eye. To distant observers at least.

The Burning Years is a novel set in the mid- to latter twenty-first century, at a time when Earth has being badly scorched by the sun as a result of climate change and humans’ disastrous attempts to control the weather instead of looking after the environment. As a consequence of the negligence of successive generations, people are now having to move underground in order to survive the harsh new world their grandparents created for them. A plutocracy governs the United States, in much the same way as it does now (although many will disagree with me on that point).

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Jamie Flook
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Felicity Harley has been previously featured on Reading Recommendations as an author and on my main blog as a guest blogger. Jamie Flook is a writer who has contributed to Popular Science, Boing Boing, Hack Circus,, Crooked Scoreboard, The Huffington Post, and Devolution Z.


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