Desert Flower – a review

Desert Flower
by Zohra Saeed

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Zohra Saeed is the pen name for Rohini Sunderam, a semi-retired advertising copywriter.

Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers’ Favorite

Until the day the stranger came to Bahr’ein, Noor had never questioned her position in life. She was a dutiful daughter, a positive role model to her younger siblings, and in line to follow in her mother’s footsteps as is expected in her culture. Once she sets eyes on the fair Canadian, her priorities change. It is with a heavy heart that she recognizes his commitment to including her in his Western culture. It isn’t possible. The shame her betrayal would mean to her country and family would never allow her to follow her heart. Even if it was possible to escape with him, the fear of the unknown made this a dangerous plan. Yet, the stranger continues to haunt her days in his presence until he is forced to leave.

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Review appeared on Readers’ Favorite: Book Reviews

Rohini Sunderam has previously been featured on Reading Recommendations here and here. Lisa McCombs is an author an reviewer for Readers’ Favorite.


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