One Woman’s Island – a review (2)


One Woman’s Island
by Susan M. Toy

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One Woman’s Island is the second novel in the Bequia Perspectives Series by Susan M. Toy. This is the second book of Susan’s that I have read, and I enjoyed it as much as Island in the Clouds.

About the book
Running away from Canada, Mariana hopes to forget a failed marriage and the death of her husband by embarking on a whole new life. She moves lock, stock, and two cats to the small Caribbean island of Bequia. But the move brings more than she could have imagined. New friends ask her to help solve a recent murder in the expat community. And then there’s the problem of her neighbours, a young woman and her children. Seemingly abandoned by family and friends, Mariana believes they need her help!

By becoming involved, Mariana is carried along from wanting to simply “live with the locals” to being overwhelmed by their culture, one so vastly different to what she had left behind in Canada that she doesn’t know who among her expat friends she can turn to for advice. So she carries on regardless and discovers that Bequia isn’t exactly the tropical paradise it had promised to be. One Woman’s Island is the second novel in the Bequia Perspectives series that picks up again a few months in time after the first novel, Island in the Clouds.

My review for One Woman’s Island
Many of us have reached a crisis point in our lives and run for the hills. We seek somewhere to lick our wounds away from those who know us and also hope that we can break the cycle in new surroundings and with new friends. However, what rarely changes is our basic nature, and in the case of Mariana her warm and caring approach to people is the cause of more challenges in her life. I also know, having lived as an expat in several countries, that appearances can be deceptive and it takes time and understanding of the ‘local’ culture to be accepted.

Mariana wants to be involved in the lives and activities of those she meets whilst still enjoying her hideaway on the island of Bequia. Her attempts are not always successful and speaking her mind does not help the situation. But she is a passionate woman and is not deterred by the resistance that she meets; with very serious consequences. Throw into the mix a crowd of colourful expats with their own cliques and agendas, property land grabbing with violent murders and intrique and you have the recipe for a very good read.

You also get two books for the price of one as Susan Toy separates the chapters of the book with wonderful local Caribbean recipes that she has accumulated.. One of which caught my eye.. Bequia Lime Pie… definitely a recipe to be tried and tested. This gave the book a unique flavour of its own.. and with the grey and wet skies of Ireland outside my window I thoroughly enjoyed my few days on the sun soaked island.

Sally Cronin
(This review has appeared elsewhere, including on Sally’s blog.)

Sally Cronin has been featured on Reading Recommendations and is also included in the lists of All-Star Authors and Reading Recommendations Revisited.



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    In case you missed my review of One Woman’s Island by Susan M. Toy… you will find on Reading Recommendations. As you will read I thoroughly enjoyed Susan’s book and recommend you settle back in your hammock with a rum and pineapple cocktail and enjoy.. it will get you in the mood.

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  2. Delighted to see the review Susan.. I am sure others will enjoy as much as I did. Sally

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  3. jjspina · February 16, 2017

    Sounds wonderful! I have the first book on my TBR list
    Will add this one to my list too. Best wishes, Susan, for success with both books! Thanks for sharing this lovely review, Sally! Xo 😚🤗❤hugs to you both!

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  4. Let's CUT the Crap! · February 16, 2017

    Have to get to my reading list. It may only take 100 years to clear, but I am moving forward, though not at the pace I’d like. The reviews are mega-intriguing. 🙂 ❤

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  5. Darlene · February 16, 2017

    A great review, Sally. This book is on my TBR list.

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  6. Mary Smith · February 16, 2017

    A great review for a very enjoyable book. I enjoyed it even more than the first one.

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