Fishing for Stones – a review


Fishing for Stones
by Glen R. Stansfield

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1990. When Steve learns of a diamond deal taking place in the Scottish Highlands, he comes up with an audacious plan to steal them. He and his close friend Andy risk their lives to snatch the stones from under the noses of a London gangster and a Major from the Angolan rebel army, UNITA. Close on their heels is DCI Macintyre of Grampian Police. Taking place against the backdrop of a country torn apart by civil war, and the beauty of the Scottish wilderness, the action reaches a surprising conclusion. There can only be one winner. Or can there?

Absorbing, a well-spun read…

…an intriguing blend of greed and opportunity, with a couple of main characters dancing precariously on the edges of the law, melds into this well-spun debut novel… throw in a stash of diamonds of questionable moral source, absorbing helicopter scenes, the hint of high-level criminal double-crossing, and the picturesque setting of the Scottish Highlands… mix well, and bring slowly to the boil… a droll, dry-humoured Scots detective tracks down the execution of a well-planned crime…or is it?… great read, Mister Stansfield…

Seumas Gallacher
(This review has appeared elsewhere.)

Both Glen R. Stansfield and Seumas Gallacher have been previously featured on Reading Recommendations.


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