Island in the Clouds – a review (2)


Island in the Clouds
by Susan M. Toy

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Murder Mystery on Bequia

I’ve been a fan of Susan Toy and her Reading Recommendations blog for some time now, and was lucky enough to receive a signed copy of Island in the Clouds, which had been on my to-read list.

Island in the Clouds is a murder mystery set on the small Caribbean island of Bequia. Geoff, an expat with a hidden past, finds a dead body in the pool of one of the properties he manages. Though reluctant, Geoff knows if he doesn’t solve the murder himself, the local, inept police force will make a mess of things, maybe even exposing some secrets he’d rather keep hidden.

Toy has crafted believable characters with colourful personalities, and her skill is not limited to the main characters—I also thoroughly enjoyed the Rasta Brethren who work for Geoff, the old biddies, and even the inept police. The plot moves swiftly, with the requisite twist or two, and Toy’s writing is a pleasure to read.

Reading Island in the Clouds feels like being on a guided tour of Bequia. In fact, I think I’d now know where to catch Al’s plane or one of the two ferries. After I arrived on island, I’d grab a quick roti for lunch then head over to Bob’s for a rum and some local flavour. I’m sure I’d recognize Mike, and him being such a good sport and all, it wouldn’t take much to convince him to take me along in his dinghy for a sundowner on the dock over at Geoff and Angie’s boathouse. And if Gus were there for me to pat, I’d feel like my trip was complete.

If you’d like to get to know Bequia, and you enjoy murder mysteries, you’ll enjoy Island in the Clouds.

J.P. McLean
(This review has appeared elsewhere.)

J.P. McLean has been previously featured on Reading Recommendations.


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