This Plague of Days-Omnibus Edition – a review


This Plague of Days OMNIBUS EDITION: The Complete Three Seasons of the Zombie Apocalypse Series
By Robert Chazz Chute

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You won’t be after you read this. A trilogy featuring zombies would not normally be on my to-read list, but this story is much more than zombies; it’s a study in human behaviour.

I follow Robert Chazz Chute’s blog so was familiar with his titles and interested in learning more about the autistic-spectrum boy at the centre of TPOD. That’s why I jumped at the chance to pick up This Plague of Days-Omnibus Edition during a promotion. The Omnibus edition includes all three seasons of the trilogy.

I can’t sum it up better than the author. “A killer virus ends the world as we know it. It’s up to one autistic boy to fight for the future and save us all.”

Despite the horrors in TPOD—and there were bucketfuls—the love and familial connection of the Spencer family were admirable. I loved that Chute explored the potential of Jamie’s autism and particularly liked how Anna and Jack’s characters grew. In fact, I found myself thinking about how my own family would fare in such a situation. For those who don’t live in a major earthquake-prone area of the world, Chute’s scenario may seem distant, but TPOD sure made me think about the “what-ifs.” Clearly, Chute has spent some time delving into the depths of humanity’s potential.

This epic journey is not an easy read, nor a short read, but I think it’s a thought-provoking and insightful story of humanity at its worst, its best and most importantly, its most hopeful. I would highly recommend This Plague of Days (even if zombies aren’t your thing).

J.P. McLean
(This review has appeared elsewhere.)

Both Robert Chazz Chute and J.P. McLean have been previously featured on Reading Recommendations.


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