Outsourced – a review

Outsourced eBook

by Eric J. Gates

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… another masterful thriller from Eric J. Gates….

Eric J.Gates is a man of several talents… his in-depth knowledge of matters most of us can never even sniff at include martial arts, and hi-tech security… add to those the skill he has honed over the past few years in writing crime thrillers, and you have a dynamic, highly-readable author… Outsourced is not your run-of-the-mill crime fiction… the art of good story-telling is the presentation of credible characterisation, and there’s bundles of that in this book… Gates draws on his experience in the modern world of novel-writing… the internet, the computer linkage for surveillance … he throws into the mix a tough-lady officer, not averse to operating on the edges of the law, a semi-genius of a villain, and a pair of authors unwittingly pulled into a web of murders in which they may well be the next victims… the magnet around which it all revolves is a piece of stone, which impacts the actions of the good and the bad characters… but no spoilers from me… just read and enjoy…

Seumas Gallacher
(This review has appeared elsewhere.)

Both Eric J. Gates and Seumas Gallacher have been previously featured on Reading Recommendations.


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