Island in the Clouds – a review

I’m going to start the review ball rolling on this new blog with a review of my own novel, because I received exactly the type of review I hope other Readers will feel encouraged to write and post here. The reviewer in this case was unknown to me previously, although we were connected by having attended the same high school. We’ve never met in person. He wasn’t sure exactly how he first discovered my book (although he thinks it’s likely he heard of it because of that high school connection) but he did buy and read the book – read it twice, in fact! – and when we met up the other evening on Facebook, after he made a kind comment about the book, he offered to write a review. So, with his permission, here’s the review he submitted as the inaugural post on this blog. I hope it encourages other Readers, those who feel strongly enough about a book to want to share it, to also write a review – even if they think they can’t write one, or have never wanted to post publicly about anything on those online sales sites. It will also give you an idea of the format I have in mind for each post.


Island in the Clouds
by Susan M. Toy
Genre: Mystery, novel
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I loved the novel Island in the Clouds and have read it a couple times. It reminded me of our expat friends in Belize and the crazy things that go on behind the scenes. Things one never hears about as a tourist.

Susan Toy’s writing style compares well with two of my favorite authors who feature local characters as part of their stories: Paul Kemperecos’s Aristotle “Soc” Socarides tales, like Bluefin Blues, and Jimmy Buffet’s Tales of Margaritaville.

I have to say Island in the Clouds is on the bookshelf along with these writer’s books as ones that can be read over and over as each time they are read one finds subtle nuances and details missed. A great book to take on a tropical holiday or to read dreaming of one. Hopefully there will be more tales of Geoff and his fellow expats to come.

D. Erkelens


Welcome, Readers!

In an attempt to provide Readers with more information about books I promote on my blog, Reading Recommendations, I’m following through on an idea I spoke about on my main blog and have created this new blog, Reading Recommendations Reviewed. I will post honest, positive reviews of books that are written and published by Authors who have been promoted by me these past two years on Reading Recommendations. The reviews will be written by READERS, be submitted to me first for vetting and editing, be positive and honest, and don’t need to be lengthy or academic in nature (unless the book itself warrants an academic-style assessment). I will link back to the Author’s promotion that was originally posted on Reading Recommendations.

Let’s keep this simple! If you read a book written by any of the Authors listed here or here, and you really enjoyed reading that book, then tell us about it! Tell other Readers what you enjoy so they may decide what to read next.

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Trolls and naysayers will not be allowed to comment or contradict you on this site, either, because I will be on patrol to make sure personal attacks and negative comments about anyone or anything are not accepted. The entire idea behind this blog is TO PROVIDE HONEST REVIEWS. So let’s keep this positive and congratulatory, shall we?

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